Articles by Ricardo Nunez

Advocating for Legal Apprenticeships in Oregon

It looks like the legal apprenticeship model is gaining momentum, even in places that don’t yet have their own law office study programs on the books! Benjamin Boyd, an Oregonian, reached out to the Oregon Board of Bar Examiners to provide comments on why creating a legal apprenticeship avenue to becoming an attorney would benefit individuals, the State, and existing attorneys. Read [...]

Legal Apprenticeships & Social Change

An interview with Gary Blasi If you visit Echo Park today, you’ll find a radically different community than the one Gary Blasi lived in when he started his journey as a legal apprentice. The hipsters, mod cafes, and steady progress of displacement through gentrification hadn’t arrived. Rents were still affordable and families could live on one income. Just to give you some context, Blasi’s [...]

Ready? Get set! STUDY! Our Curriculum for the FYLSE

By Thea Chhun, Legal Apprentice  I’ve always loved and dreaded deadlines.  For us apprentices, we become eligible to take the First Year Law Student’s Exam (affectionately known as the Baby Bar) a year into the program.  So having that oh so far away FYLSE a year away made for a more…flexible… schedule.   We could play around with trying out law books, exploring different learning [...]

Rising Debt While Studying Law? Not for this Legal Apprentice!

By Christina Oatfield  “What? You can do that!? I’ve never heard of that before…” “Yes, in California you can do that, really, yeah, I know, not that many people know about it. Lots of attorneys don’t even know about it.” This is how many conversations go when I first meet people who ask me what I do and I explain that I’m an apprentice at a law [...]

One Revolution

Two years ago I was living in a grass thatched, mud hut. My communication with the outside world was done from atop a two-story termite mound. I bathed from a bucket under the shade of trees. And my diet consisted of boiled leaves, caterpillars, and hard porridge. Now, I’m beginning a Law Office study program in one of the most technologically advanced and innovative areas of the world. I’m [...]
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