5 Ways to Make Learning a Festive Affair

One of the things I love about having apprentices is that it encourages us to cultivate a lively learning environment in everything we do. We’ve made short videos about a couple of the fun + educational things we do at the Sustainable Economies Law Center.

One of those is our monthly Research Explosion Day (RED), when SELC staff and volunteers divvy up a list of bite-size research questions on a common topic. It’s more fun than it sounds, so I tried to sum it up in a four-minute video from our recent Securities Law RED:

Also, our three-times-per-month Resilient Communities Legal Cafe provides a rich learning environment for apprentices and seasoned attorneys, alike. At each Legal Cafe, we advise between three and six clients on a range of transactional legal issues. Here’s a 48 second video explaining what happens at Legal Cafes:

Aside from REDs and Legal Cafes, we have our twice-per-week discussion on bar exam topics, which I am surprised to find rather enjoyable. We have done improv acting of contracts transactions, read about and discussed cases, outlined and discussed essay question on a white board, and generally had some stimulating conversation on what I otherwise expected to be boring bar topics.

At various times, we’ve also had Bylaws Parties where a group of us works on different sections of  Bylaws at the same time, and Writing and Editing Explosion Day (because it made us giggle to call it “WEED”) to work together for a day on a list of food policy recommendations.

Something tells me that if I didn’t have apprentices, we wouldn’t be as apt to turn everything into a learning party. It’s just another way that the fun never ends when you have apprentices.

Abraham Oatfield

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